Here are the services we are currently offering, please contact me via email if you are interested in any of these services. I encourage you to continue to follow on social media and watch as things continue to grow and evolve into more services!

Lavender and sunflowers


Click here to learn more about this season’s options and pricing.


What is a flower subscription? It is a lot like a CSA of veggies only this time you get flowers! 

Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding, and looking for locally sourced flowers. Contact us today to discuss arrangements for your special day.

Closed 4 the Season

Fresh Flower Fridays

Every Friday we offer a selection of fresh local flowers. Each Friday will differ depending on what is in season. There are bundles of like flowers or large and small bouquets offered. If you follow us on Instagram and FB you will be notified with pictures for each Fridays Bounty!

Closed 4 the Season

Special Orders on Request

Please contact me if you are interested in placing a special order. We currently have limited supply and seasonal flowers. However I am happy to get creative and design a bouquet or flower arrangement based on your needs and what flowers I currently have available.

Closed 4 the Season

Downtown Bike Delivery

If you place a special order and would like it delivered in style to you or a friend we can add a delivery by bike fee. Please note it must be pre- ordered the day before in order to ensure freshness and proper delivery time in the morning.