Ranunculus Corms

So living here in Central Oregon as we know our spring has all seasons in one day and if you wait 5 minutes the weather will change!  That said it makes it hard to plant things in the spring because they might frost, freeze or even get hailed on.  Ranunculus are delicate to the cold so you cannot plant them in the fall like other growing areas.  You have to start by pre soaking and then sprouting them in late winter in a dark cool place that stays between 40-50 degrees and making sure they are not molding. 

This was a little worrisome for my first time trying to get them just right.  But it worked!  Here are some images of what they looked like before during and after.

.  Now they are tucked away in my raised garden beds with hoop houses and starting to grow and survive spring frosts at night and enjoy the extra warm from a hoop house during the day.  They should be ready come June and I am so excited to see them and share their beauty.