Peek A Boo Bulbs

We were gone for a week and it was so fun to come home to these bulbs that have sprung up!  Before I left the bulbs in the greenhouse had just barely started to poke up out of the ground and then to come home and see how much they had grown in a week gave me spring fever!  There are Paper Whites, Purple Hyacinths and Grape Hyacinth bulbs that I pre-chilled and then planted in pots late January. 

Last fall I also planted Tulips and Daffodils in these planters so they could winter over in the greenhouse. Once I saw how tall the bulbs in the greenhouse were I had to go and check the bulbs in the yard that I also planted last fall and sure enough there are tiny little sprouts pushing the dirt up!  It’s so exciting to see the birth of the flower season begin.  Now I know winter is still here in the high desert and we get lots of spring snow but natures giving us a little bit of hope and inspiration to let us know Spring is on its way and so are the beautiful blooms of color!