What Are Slow Flowers?

Slow Flowers  is a movement promoting the support and purchase of U.S. grown flowers.  Similar to the slow food movement — aimed at preserving local.  Slow Flowers encourages consumers to support their local economy and consciously purchase cut flowers grown locally, seasonally and ethically in the United States, instead of purchasing flowers imported from other countries or flowers grown using chemicals and pesticides.

 Debra Prinzing authored a book titled Slow Flowers, in which the term “slow flowers movement” was coined, and the movement has since spread internationally.  She also has a podcast that I have listened to that is quite interesting to listen to and learn about.  Here is a link to more information from the slow flower society https://www.slowflowerssociety.com/programs

Why slow flowers?

There are several reasons for choosing to purchase slow flowers.  One reason is you are helping to support a local business stay in Business.  Two it will also keep the money in your community.  Three it creates less pollution from transporting.  Four it is sustainable for the bees because the flowers are pesticide free. Five the flowers are fresher there for lasting longer in the vase.