Landscaping Bulbs vs Farming Bulbs

Up until this year when I planted plants throughout my yard I thought about spacing of plants in a different way, more aesthetically.  What looked the best for my eyes and the layout of my yard after all landscaping is a form of Art with a blank canvas.

However this year as I decided to change my career direction and take up flower farming I realized there is a very different approach to how you plant and space things.  Flower farming is much like any kind of farming; the goal is to be able to create the biggest yield with the least amount of space. 

This fall as I was getting ready to order all my bulbs for the spring harvest I learned a really valuable technique that I was taught by Erin from Floret Farms and their mini fall course series. I am excited to share this neat little trick and the photos that I took during the planting and preparing for spring.

What is this trick?  Well what I learned is you dig a trench to plant your bulbs in.  Yes that is right no bulb planter tool just a good old shovel.  After you dig your trench the correct depth, depending on what bulbs you are planting, you lay the bulbs next to each other like you would eggs in a carton and that’s it!  All you have to do is water them, cover them and label them and you’re done and ready for the spring!  I am amazed by the idea of growing with a trench and can not wait to see all these guys and the bounty of blooms they will produce!