Dahlia update

What I learned my first year of growing Dahlias

So the last time I posted about Dahlias was in late June with a late planting of Dahlias.  It had been a last minute thing to buy Dahlias this year because it was late spring when I realized and decided to change my career path and become a Flower Farmer.  So I took some money that I had made from a plant sale and began reinvesting it into product.  The reason I chose to invest in Dahlias was for a number of reasons. 

One you must dig them up at the end of each season, so it did not matter that I don’t have acreage and land for my farm yet I could grow them in my yard and take them anywhere in the future.

Two they multiply!  The tubers that you dig up in the fall have grown and created many more tubers that you can then divide into more Dahlias to plant in the spring!

Three, well they are just amazing as a flower and will steal your heart.  These flowers and all their color and different varieties will stop and turn heads anywhere.  Hands down these are the queens in the flower world.

So what did I learn this first season?  Well I got very lucky this fall we had a very long season and it did not even frost until right before Halloween.  Because of that my late planting was off set and I was able to get a few blooms from my plants this year. 

Even more exciting and nerve racking was the digging up and dividing of the tubers.  It was exciting to see what they had turned into from just one tuber.  A bit scary to divide and hope I was doing it right and not ruining the tubers.  I guess I will find out next spring when I un-wrap them from their winter slumber.             After one very short growing season Dahlias are already beginning to steal my heart.  I have already placed another order for the spring planting.  Between the new order and the Tubers I was able to dived this year I am excited to say I will have a pretty BIG  and Beautiful crop to harvest and share in 2021.