Wildflower Bouquets

Last week we went camping for Father’s Day over on the Umpqua River.  It was so nice to just get out of town, our house (this is during the covid pandemic) and out in nature.   We camped right along the river and got to listen to the sound of it nonstop for 3 days, it was truly rejuvenating!  We spent our days hiking, biking and fishing.  However from the moment we pulled in and started walking around and checking out camp all I could see was potential for bouquet making all around me!  Especially since I knew once I got home I had a Bouquet to make but my spring flowers were running out and my summer flowers had not quite taken off yet.   My eyes zoned in on the colors and textures and shapes of all these wildflowers and greenery all around me.  So on the last day I had to gather. I made sure to trim the extra leaves off so that the flowers would not waste energy trying to hydrate leaves but just the flower. I used a soaked coffee filter to wrap up the flowers and then put them inside a plastic bag with water which then went inside of a container and in a small box for the car ride home in the shade.  I was not sure if they would hold up especially since we were stopping at Crater Lake for a picnic on the way home.  However they lasted and the next morning I was able to make a bouquet and deliver the order.

This bouquet is mainly made from all the wildflowers. I do not know the names of all of the wildflowers but the ones I do know are purple bee balm, fern, daisy, some kind of white sprig that makes me think of dill and a delicate white spike?cone shaped flower. The flowers that I added from our yard are the green money plant seeds, red yarrow and the Dahlia.